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Winter Reading 2021-2022

December 11, 2021-February 14, 2022

Cheers to 95 Years!

Read books and record your minutes to win wonderful prizes!

5 Hour Prize: Cheers to 95 Years notebook, 2 chance tickets

10 Hour Prize: Free Book, 2 chance tickets

15 Hour Prize: Chick-Fil-A Coupon, 2 chance tickets

20 Hour Prize: 4 chance tickets

50 Hour Prize: 10 chance tickets

Chance prizes are: 

* Kindle Fire 7

*Target Gift card

*Bag of Books

You can also participate in Family Winter Reading Bingo for the chance to win a fun Winter Reading Basket.

For questions, please check our FAQ. You can also send a message by accessing your account and selecting "Contact Us."


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